Durham Advanced Motorcyclists 2018
Membership Form

You can download the form here as a pdf text doc for printing

Membership Form

We need your details to ensure we have a correct record, so please complete the following section. Thanks for taking the time to complete the whole form.




____________________________________Post Code_______________

PHONE Numbers inc. code _____________________________________________________________________

Your DAM membership number; _________

Email :-________________________

IAM Membership No. ___________________

Renewal Details

The renewal fee is £5.00 and must be paid by 28th February 2018.
A new membership card can then be sent out in April 2018.

To be a member of DAM you must be a member of IAM; please confirm that you are a paid up member of IAM for 2017-2018 by signing at the foot of the page; this signature also confirms your completion of the form which advises us of your identity and how you will pay your renewal fee.

You can pay either by sending a cheque for the correct amount with this form to;

Bill McCready, 1 Northside Court, Middridge, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham DL5 7JT

You can pay
by setting up a Standing Order with your bank to pay £5.00 to Durham Advanced Motorcyclists, Lloyds Durham Branch Account No 02520485 Sort Code 30-92-79 on the 1st January 2018 and every year on the anniversary until you instruct them otherwise.

Please tell us how you will pay with a big cross one of the spaces below, but whichever method you choose PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM to the above address so that we know what arrangements have been made and we can update our records.

I will pay by cheque enclosed;_____;

I have set up an SO with my bank;_______.

Durham Advanced Motorcyclists

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