How do I join DAM/IAM?

You can join DAM at any of the group meetings that are held on the second and last Tuesday of every month at Bowburn Hotel and Dun Cow respectively.


You can apply to join the IAM / DAM online by clicking the icon.

How much does it cost?

New associates joining the IAM Advanced Riders Course pay a one off fee of £149 which covers the IAM fee, advanced test and 1st year IAM membership.  If you are an existing member of the IAM but are a new motorbike associate then you get a £30 discount.  Annual fees are payable 12 months from your last renewal date and are as follows:

Cheque or cash -

• DAM Full Member - £5

• DAM Associate Member - £5

After the first year all members must also pay their annual IAM subscription of £33.


What happens next?

Once your application has been received and processed you will be contacted by our Development Officer.  He/she will allocate an Observer (trainer) to you for your one to one tuition and who contact you directly to arrange your first run.

Once you have submitted your application forms you can attend the regular runs on Tuesday evenings (summer time only) and Sundays, that are open to all DAM associates and full members. This is in addition to any arrangements you make with your observer for one to one sessions.  The dates and times for these are detailed in the DAM Diary and the DAM website in the Diary and News page.

What do I get for my money?

You get the IAM test fee paid, 1 year IAM membership, 1 year DAM associate membership, a copy of 'How to be a better rider - Advanced Motorcyling, the Essential Guide', a copy of 'The Highway Code' and a certificate on passing the IAM Advanced Test.

As an associate member you can also attend the monthly group meetings and take part in all runs and other various events.

What do I do when I pass my test?

On passing your test you become a full member and you are entitled to take part in all group Full Member Runs.  Please let the Membership Secretary know your IAM number.

Please inform the Membership Secretary if your personal details change at any time ie address, phone number, email etc.


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